Rebecca Palmer, Director of AMC

Lyra Crock

     Coming from a strong background in dance, acrobatics, and fitness, Rebecca's approach to aerial is very well rounded. She provides an encouraging and positive atmosphere for students to reach their personal goals. Safety and proper technique is a strong part of her curriculum and a portion of training is devoted to conditioning and flexibility.  Based in Portland, OR Rebecca is available for youth and adult instruction. For information about private and semi-private lessons in aerial silks, aerial hoop, or flexibility/contortion please email

Wednesday mixed aerial class  From 6:45-8:15

Rebecca’s passion for movement arts began at age five when her parents enrolled her in dance lessons in her hometown Fargo, North Dakota. Moving to the Northwest in 4th grade, she had greater access to high level training, competitive teams, and performance groups. Over the next 15 years of her life she continued training and adding disciplines including modern dance, Hip-Hop, springboard/platform diving, gymnastics, figure skating, ballroom dance, and yoga.

Rebecca has competed at US nationals in multiple sports, trained with Olympic coaches, and performed internationally. After years of training and performance Rebecca is now available for private lessons and coaching. Using an integrative training approach, she utilizes her strong foundation in ballet, modern dance, acrobatics, yoga, and theater arts that helps students develop a quality of movement that will set them apart as an aerialist.

Rebecca lives for the moments of achievement that only comes with the development of strength and mental clarity that aerial arts and dance provides, and loves the ethereal experience of performing for an audience. “Being able to lose yourself in something that you are so passionate about, where you enter a zone that transcends reality is one of the most wonderful things I have experienced, which I have found in aerial dance.”

My primary love is pole, but I have tried aerial stuff on and off, here and there for the last few years. Even though I think it’s a gorgeous artform, I never stuck with it for more than A few classes at a time... Until I met Rebecca Palmer. I absolutely love her!! I love watching her perform. I love watching her demonstrate. I love her teaching style! I am totally hooked. I brought a couple of my girlfriends and my sister into her studio and they are now hooked on her as well. If you were thinking about taking a silks, lyra, or contortion class from anyone, definitely take it from Rebecca!
— Kim Jennings
Rebecca Palmer is a great combination of encouragement and pushing you to the next level. She hones in on your strengths and teaches you how to use them to your best advantage as well as keeps you growing the areas that you struggle in. The lessons are fun and inspiring as you continue your advancement to the next skill level. I have greatly enjoyed her instruction and look forward to further lessons. Training with her is always one of the highlights of my week. She makes you excited about Lyra and always wanting to come back for more!
— Kenna Fordyce
I love my classes with Rebecca! She is so encouraging and positive. She pushes her students towards their goals and supports them every inch of the way. Not to mention she’s a huge inspiration and extremely talented.
— Kenchi Vivez
For 2 months I’ve been training privately with Rebecca Palmer and her genuine love for this sport is evident through her coaching. Her vast knowledge and experience has been very rewarding for my personal growth. I’ve trained with many professionals over the years of being an acrobat and her encouragement, authority, and wisdom for aerial would be beneficial for anyone wanting to test the waters or explore deeper into there practice! Thanks Rebecca it’s been an honor.
— Hayler Miller