Aerial Muse Collective


Want to host an unforgettable event with exciting and dazzling entertainment? Aerial Muse Collective is your secret weapon!

Give your guests an extraordinary experience with Cirque entertainment. Our company works closely with our clients to realize their creative vision, with personalized choreography, costuming, and music, and provides stunning circus work in a variety of formats.

We’re imaginative with our offerings, and scrupulous with the details. Our goal is to make our professionalism as memorable as our movement, so you can relax and enjoy the party.


Center Stage Performances

Ideal for capturing your guests’ attention, Aerial Muse will stage a show-stopping, choreographed performance. With Aerial Acts and Ground Acts available, we have a diverse range of acts to choose from.

Suspended high above the crowd, these stunning performances are sure to amaze and enthrall. Our aerial muses’ push the boundaries of physical limitation and motion, consistently leaving audiences in awe. Whether it’s a single artist spinning amid folds of silk, or multiple performers demonstrating feats of strength or balance, our performers mesmerize audiences while celebrating the grace, power, and lyrical dexterity of the human form. Depending on the theme and tone of the event, these acts can range from exciting and energetic to dramatic and alluring.


Ambient performance creates an alluring party atmosphere that allows guests to mix and socialize simultaneously. Different from a choreographed piece, ambient aerial invites dancers to instead respond to the music, creating gorgeous shapes and graceful flow specific to your event environment. Ambient ground acts can be stationary or roaming to engage guests and build the vibe.

Creative Libations

A truly one-of-a-kind service, our aerial dancers and acrobats are certified with state liquor license and trained for aerial beverage pouring. Aerial Muse can also provide a portable rig, so that any space can be transformed into a novel aerial bar.

Types of Events

Christmas Parties, Corporate Entertainment, Wedding, Birthday Parties, Children’s Events, Cultural Events (Cinco De Mayo, Arabian Nights, Safari, Native American, Hawaiian Luau, etc.), Decade Specific, Gala & Fundraisers, Halloween Entertainment, Masquerade Ball, Interactive, Superhero, White Party, Fairytale, Trade Shows, Fairs, Festivals, and MORE!