Rebecca Palmer


Rebecca Palmer is an acclaimed performance artist whose unique and refined style is rooted in ballet, modern dance, gymnastics, circus arts & acrobatics. Her passion for performance was sparked early on and has fueled her drive for progression and professionalism. In 2011 Rebecca focused her studies in aerial arts perfecting performances in aerial silks and hoops, lyrical dance, and contortion. Her polished and one of kind style has been enriched by each performance, providing new inspiration and creative progression to her diverse range of acts. Rebecca's cross training allows her to deliver a wide range of roles, from lither and etheral to earthy and visceral. Vivid, extravagant movement and strong, multifaceted technique are her trademarks. 


Shaina Sky

Shaina Sky is a performing artist and educator based in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in an array of circus/variety acts including Silks/Lyra, Hula Hoop Contortion Acts (Plus Fire/LED effects), Stilt Walking, and Roaming Characters/Strolling Acts. In addition to Aerial Muse Collective she is a core member of the Wanderlust Circus, and works with collaborators such as March Fourth Marching Band, Supergeek League of Seattle, and Urban Circus NYC (from which she completed the Summer Intensive Training Program for Aerial Arts in 2014). She has been in practice for 5 years and works a variety of events from large scale circus productions to cabaret, parties, corporate events, or festivals.

Treya Bushell 

Treya specializes in Lyra, Silks, Pole, Contortion, Dance, and Sling. With a background in dance, gymnastics, and pole dancing, Treya started doing aerial arts in 2012 and has dedicated herself to it ever since. She has extensive experience performing both ambient and choreographed pieces at a variety of events from corporate Christmas parties and weddings to full length circus shows and large music festivals. Her passion for cirque and the limitless creativity it allows motivates her to create amazing and inspiring entertainment for her audiences. As well as Aerial Muse Collective, Treya is an instructor and performer with Night Flight Aerial, Purr Pole Studio, Super Geek League and is part owner of Savory Events: an event production company.


Laurel Emm

Laurel is an aerialist and performance artist with a vibrant, engaging stage presence. With a background in team athletics, yoga, and dance, Laurel has extensive experience performing choreographed and free-style dance pieces for high production music festivals and corporate events in the Pacific NW and in California. Her specialties include aerial hoop and stilt walking, where she loves highlighting the enchanting, interactive elements of cirque and excels at bringing costume and character to life for audiences. As a performer she has been praised as an catalyst of energy, intrigue, and excitement. Laurel is also part owner of Savory Events, a multi-faceted production company in Portland, Oregon. 



Petra described by her friends as a great wizard, is an aerialist, contortionist, visual artist, and a psychic! So, when she tells you she has "Tiger Power", this is what she means: She is recognized for her relaxed fluidity countered by powerful dynamism during a performance which mimics her collected, yet suddenly energetic personality off stage. Her commitment to a character is unparalleled, and she enjoys creating works specifically to fit within the theme of a show. Petra excels at creating original choreography and she works hard to yield polished and creative routines. She wrestles her heightened sensitivity by creating vignettes that express her experience as a creative conduit. She is based in Portland, OR and works as a freelance performer, psychic reader, and runs her own performance company: Prismagic.


Kerri Jonquil has a long history of exploring various dance styles. From falling in love with belly dancing at age 6, to directing her high school's performing modern dance program, to performing in U of O dance department productions and touring locally with Dance Africa, to finally discovering aerial arts in 2011. She found aerial acrobatics to be brilliant combination of her dance background and gymnastics abilities. After starting her aerial training in Portland, Oregon with Night Flight, she soon embarked on a rigorous professional training program at the acclaimed New England Center for Circus Arts in Brattleboro, VT.


BritTany Ashworth

Born in Germany, Britany came to Portland when she was 6. She always loved dancing, and felt her body was an instrument and bridge between music, colors, and emotions. She danced at DaVinci Arts Middle school and explored movement and fitness in high school through wrestling and cheerleading. In she 2011 began training at Aerial Revolution in San Diego falling in love with the art. She continued training when she moved to Portland at Night Flight. Her apparati include tissu, pole, lyra, and trapez in both solo and duo. Her ground acts include acro yoga, standing partner acrobatics and stilt walking. Brittany has performance experience in solos, duets, and ensembles with Aerial Revolution, Super Geek League, and Aerial Muse Collective. Brittany is a versatile and talented performer with fluid, animated, and luscious movement, supported by astonishing strength and technique.