Dance, GOGO, & Flow

From Burlesque dancers and Belly Dancers to Bollywood and Ballroom, we have the dance act you want, whatever the occasion; whether it is for after-dinner entertainment, a surprise dance act for a product launch, a full-scale corporate show or themed dance entertainment. Offering a range of meet and greet dancers, themed dancers and dance shows, including Vegas, Cabaret, Bond, Pirates and Parisian showgirls, we can also provide bespoke dancers and shows to suit every individual’s theme, event or occasion. 

GO-GO DANCERS- Merging sex appeal, classical dance training, and high fashion-infused attire, our go-go dancers have perform at popular nightclubs and venues, bringing energy and excitement to every performance.

BURLESQUE- Make your event stand out with our stunning selection of incredible burlesque artists, whose risqué performances won’t be forgotten in a hurry! Sure to bring glamour and mystery to your function in abundance, our wonderful burlesque artists offer truly tantalizing entertainment that celebrates both femininity and sensuality in a truly bewitching way.

SHADOW DANCE- A thrilling combination of physical theater, dance, and technological innovation, shadow dance is a unique and engaging form of performance art using vignettes, silhouettes and shapes with dancer's bodies in order to relay a narrative in a fascinating take on silent theater. Demonstrating remarkable flexibility, precision and creativity, our shadow dancers are guaranteed to wow with their exceptional art form, and are ideal for corporate functions, ceremonies, gala dinners, product launches, exhibitions, and more. 

BOLLYWOOD- Bring the energy and exuberance of Bollywood to your event with our fantastic range of dancers. A fusion of folk and classical Indian dances with modern styles and the occasional Latin and Arabic influence; Bollywood dance is an exciting and highly expressive form of entertainment, and will totally captivate audiences at your event

BELLYDANCE- Bringing an authentic touch of Eastern culture to any occasion, our sensational belly dancers are highly trained and adept at providing spellbinding performances that will leave audiences bewitched. A beautiful and hypnotic style of dance that makes for enchanting viewing through its emphasis on fluidity and movements of the waist and hips, belly dance offers an exotic and exciting form of entertainment that is sure to make your event stand out.

ACROBATIC DANCE- A beautiful fusion of classical dance techniques and acrobatic precision, this dance style, also known as acro, is certain to wow at any occasion, as talented performers seamlessly blend unique choreography, emotional expression, and impressive stamina for a breath-taking performance. Demonstrating awe-inspiring levels of flexibility, strength, and balance, our professional dancers are guaranteed to deliver mesmerizing entertainment that will delight your guests.

POLE DANCE- pole is an impressive style that combines dance, gymnastic, and acrobatic techniques for an awe-inspiring performance on a vertical burlesque pole, and features a range of gravity-defying tricks such as climbs, spins, body inversions and limb grips. Passionate performers, our wonderful pole artists will create bespoke routines to tie in exactly with your function, offering theatrical, intense dance displays that are sure to impress. Sensual entertainment that will thrill and delight, let our pole dancers create an impact at your event.

HULA HOOP- Witness the perfect balance between creativity, agility, and rhythm as our hoopers whirl and maneuver their hula hoops. Whether gleaming with flames or LED lights, these acts can be beautifully choreographed or adapted to provide spontaneous synchronization to the beat.